4th Kyu (Yonkyu)

Akita-Aikikai Aikido Examination Requirements

translated by Mark L. Larson

  1. Tai No Henko – From static position, then moving (ki-no-nagare).
  2. Tachi-waza Kokyuho – Same as 5th Kyu.
  3. Dai Ikkyo – 1st teaching. From front strike (shomen-uchi), from lateral strike (yokomen-uchi), from one-handed shoulder grab (kata-dori). Must perform 2 of these 3.
  4. Dai Nikyo – 2nd teaching. From same attacks as Dai Ikkyo above.
  5. Iriminage – Shomen-uchi, yokomen-uchi, katate-dori. 2 of these 3.
  6. Shihonage – Katate-dori, two-handed grab consisting of one hand on each arm (ryote-dori), yokomen-uchi. 2 of these 3.
  7. Kotegaeshi – Turning and twisting-over hand throw, applying own thumb to partner’s ring-finger knuckle from attacking chest area with a grab (muna-dori), a straight-frontal punch (tsuki), katate-dori. 2 of these 3.
  8. Kaiten-nage – Re-direction throw, performing the technique on the inside (uchi-kaiten), and outside (soto-kaiten). From 1 of any two attacks.
  9. Suwari-waza Kokyuho – Same as 5th Kyu.